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Vet-Pact RiVet curriculum communication

In the VET PACT project, 6 partners and 4 affiliate partners, NGOs, Foundations and VET schools from Romania, Hungary, Spain, Argentina, Columbia and El Salvador work together to increase the quality, perception and capacity of VET providers, and empower VET learners through Transformative Learning. During the 24 month project period partners will develop a curriculum for 1800 VET learners and a training module that will directly reach 180 VET teachers to reinforce the importance of improving soft skills and key competencies, including entrepreneurship, and focusing on digital and green practices supporting environmental, social, economic sustainability. Mainstreaming Transformative Learning approach and applied methods, will be a tool for VET providers to endorse special skills (e.g. task-oriented problem solving, analysing cause and effect relationships, critical thinking, communication about feelings, needs, and desires) which are needed, but not acknowledged enough and additionally increase VET learners’ employability chances. Beside the creation of the educational tools, partners will conduct a mapping on the state of art in partner countries connected to VET education exploring and revealing which teaching activities contribute to transformation. Newly established expert groups involving key stakeholders with the aim of strengthening the relationship between VET and labour market will conduct the mapping and by the end of the research phase, good practices will be collected from all partner countries. International meetings and a conference will provide opportunities for multipliers to learn about the shared methods, materials, research findings. The educational materials will be available in 4 languages (English, Spanish, Romanian, Hungarian) via the project website, EACEA and Moodle platforms reaching the minimum of 50000 people who work in the field of VET in the six partner countries and beyond, due to online and/or hybrid events.


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